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KnowThatNanny is an online platform where employers can post reviews about their current and past domestic staff. These reviews will provide other employers who may want to hire those staff in future with more information about their potential staff before they are hired.

KnowThatNanny’s mission and motto is all about making a change in the community. We want to change the way Nigerians hire domestic staff, one review at a time. We created a unique centralised reviewing platform called the “Nanny Checker” which is a growing user-generated database of domestic staff and their reviews that we have made free to access to the public. Through this platform families can share experiences regarding domestic staff and help other people who might be about to potentially hire criminals. Our service aims make sure that we can praise good staff whilst also advising other people about the staff that should be avoided.
While the name is KnowThatNanny, we are not restricted to Nannies alone, but every form of domestic staff such as housekeepers, drivers, cleaners, maids etc.

The site is user friendly and it is very easy to read reviews and submit reviews. Let’s assume you’ve interviewed a potential staff who is called Miss Christiana Green to take care of your children while you’re at work and you seem to like her, but you want to know a bit more about her from the perspective of someone who has actually used her. However, when you ask her about her previous employers, she tells you that her previous employer travelled so she is unable to contact her. At this point, you can visit KnowThatNanny from either your mobile phone or your laptop, access our Nanny Checker and search for Christiana Green.

Once you find her profile, you can read reviews left by her previous employers which will give you further information to help you make a better decision before hiring. Her profile will also give details of the agent/agency responsible for her and provide contact details for her. Along with this, if you still require additional information about Christiana Green, KnowThatNanny can act as neutral point for both the potential employer and the previous employers to freely communicate with each other without giving out any personal contact information.

We have also made it very easy for former employers to leave staff reviews. Once you fill out the form and click send, our review team will verify your review to try and make sure it is true, fair and family friendly. Shortly after this is done, you will receive a confirmation email showing the status of your review and, where appropriate, asking for an upload of a picture of the staff being reviewed.

Along with the review system and our unique database, we also have an integrated forum which will provide another portal whereby users can interact with each other and share different topics and opinions ranging from general parenting advice, to funny experiences that they may have.


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