Udobiz-Ness of the Week - Cuzzy Hairs

August 22, 2019 Administrator
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This week, the spotlight is on none other than Cuzzy Hairs, a subsidiary of Baco Auto Glass.

Cuzzy hairs was started in May, 2019 by Anyika Ugochukwu, a man with who has the zeal for entrepreneurship running in his veins (He actually co-owns Baco Auto Glass with his dad). Seeing growth opportunity in Lagos, he decided to grow his empire in one of the most business-dense cities on the African continent (bold move!). Baco Autoglass itself was started over 20 years ago and still going strong. It deals in automobile glasses for cars and trucks (front,rear, ventilation and door glasses) - imported stock available as well. Cuzzy hairs on the other hand, deals in quality and affordable female hair and closure. To be honest, we stan a growing business mogul with a diversified portfolio. Like many Nigerians, Ugochukwu enjoys travelling as it gives inspiration and exposure; great triggers for business ideas and improvements. He is also a football fan and likes to have the odd game here and there.

Cuzzy hairs boasts quality and you can tell that by looking at one of its samples:

The aim of this business is to keep customers satisfied and wanting more so why not judge for yourself? Ugochukwu definitely thinks you should.

According to Ugochukwu, one of the biggest challenges faced so far in the cuzzy hairs journey is his unfamiliarity with dealing in female hair. "The fact that I have less knowledge about female hair (and the business of it) than some of my competitors sometimes makes me question if I rushed into this business with an inadequate amount of research; even though I had so much research done before I started". We understand here at udobizNG that it's easy to feel out of place in business sometimes; but that's when you just have to learn as quickly as you can to catch-up and one day surpass those around you. Step 1 towards that was obviously signing up on UdobizNG to increase business audience. He also mentioned that business can be slow as well because most women would rather buy female hair from women (and ladies, we get it...men can be horrible :(.. ) and even if that were not the case, the sheer amount of people doing the same line of business is too much therefore we have a saturated market that makes growth difficult. He is rather optimistic though that Cuzzy hairs will grow to a large scale business because the population and human resource factor in Nigeria means that businesses have a chance to thrive due to the ever present demand for goods/services.

A pet peeve of every individual in charge of a business or organisation is having to deal with bad customers (unfortunately, you cannot 100% avoid this). I asked our star how he deals with this pet peeve. His response was so good that you need to hear it word for word: "I do enjoy client interaction. I love to communicate. In dealing with a bad client,I just have to listen to him or her and be sincere with my response. Of course with calmness and love.". Being sincere with calmness and love is definitely a difficult approach to pull off but risk is a huge part of business and we here can respect the decision to be respectfully firm in your response to a client; especially in a business like this that serves as a primary source of income.

When asked if there was any personal advice to give to new business owners or even struggling business veterans, said to believe in your ability and take advantage of the necessary platforms and work more. He went on to add that even though he just started, he is constantly thinking and researching ways to improve; mostly through the use of social media. His belief is that at some point, hardwork will pay off and it will be reflected in the customer count and most importantly, business output. We feel the same way; great minds do think alike.

Ugochukwu had kind words for the UdobizNG platform. His words exactly were, "Kudos to you guys for the opportunity especially to entrepreneurs who want their businesses to get the desired attention from people out there. I will say keep it up guys".
He also did suggest continuous improvements on the site front-end. Thanks for the kind words and suggestions, Ugochukwu! They will definitely go a long way to help us reaching our goal of every Nigerian business having an online presence, no matter how small or remote said businesses may be.

You can find Cuzzy Hairs on UdobizNG at http://www.myudo.biz/cuzzyhairs or even contact the business at: +2348063095748.
Find more of this business creativity on Instagram: @CuzzyHairs.
Delivery available in Lagos and Abuja.