Udobizness of The Week - Everything Zada

September 5, 2019 Administrator

This week, we take our focus to the accessory empire that is Everything Zada, owned by business enthusiast, Madukwe Mercy. Everything Zada is currently made up of two sister companies, Zada Perfumes and Zada Lashes.

Zada Perfumes

Zada Lashes

We called her a business enthusiast because aside from running Everything Zada, Mercy is also a study abroad agent with Negxy Concept Limited as well as the founder of BLAST - "Building Lives Around Sound Truth", which became a year on the first of September. But enough about that, the focus today is on her business group and its impact in Mercy's entrepreneurial journey. Quick summary, Zada perfumes is an online perfume store that sells a wide range of perfume products including perfumes, perfume oils, perfume dupes and designer body sprays. It deals mostly with Dubai, Paris and Arabian Designers. Mercy said she was drawn to the idea of selling perfumes due to a strong interest in making sure everyone smelled their best, leading to the creation of the business in May, 2019. She claims that with the products sold at Zada perfumes, single applications keep a lingering scent for 24 - 48 hours. There are also consulting services available should someone be trying to find their signature scent. According to her, she has a knack for problem solving and in a humid and hot country like Nigeria, this is definitely one solution to mask faint sweaty musks that build up over the day. Zada perfumes is located in Lagos, Nigeria. Zadalashes on the other hand is the lash line with 3d mink lashes. Mercy said that the lash game is also something she wanted to venture in for a long time and so in September, 2019 (after gaining some insight into business by running and managing Zada perfumes), she decided to launch a lash line. She fully believes that great lashes look empowering on women and also gives off an elegant look and vibe. Zada has different lash styles; including light and bold, long and short, simple or pronounced.

With regards to challenges faced when setting up the business, Mercy decided not to dwell on the details but basically assured us that whatever unspoken challenges she faced has definitely led to self-improvement due to lessons learned. She prefers to think more about what the future holds and how to achieve goals she has set for herself. She sees her company as a project and believes that there is a lot to do on that project in such a short timeline; and this is just one of a few projects on her life list. She envisions her business growing and improving and mentioned how she is forever grateful to GOD for progress - We are too, Mercy; all glory to GOD. She lit up when we asked about other plans for the business; she mentioned being thankful to UdobizNG for giving a showcase platform, but she also wants to create a website where customers can order directly from. Zada perfumes also plans on having its own branded perfume and perfume oils soon. Zadalashes is currently focusing on sale of 3rd party products till further notice. According to her though, the huge priority right now is maintaining a stable customer base and also getting more people to review the current line of products.

Product Display 1

Product Display 2

Product Display 3

Product Display 4

Mercy went on to talk about client interaction. "I always enjoy client interaction. I put effort in always listening and understanding exactly what each client wants. Regarding bad clients," she specified; "those are unavoidable in sales. How you handle such people is to listen to them and then give out your best and sincere opinion to them calmly.". Good to know that she has plans for the worst with her clients as well as obviously learning from continuous client interaction. She also mentioned that she treats employees like clients; that is, respectfully and with the mentality that they can take the business to new heights. She advised other employers to take this approach as well as ensure prompt payments of dues and continuous skill nurturing.

Mercy says that on principle, she does not think too much about the competition. As opposed to obsessing about the other business owners around, she prefers the approach of having her products and business style be unique as possible while giving the best customer service the industry could provide. The interview continued with a question about the convenience of doing business in Nigeria. To answer this, she decided to focus more on the good side of it. She mentioned less about the convenience though; but more about the fact that there are people working hard (especially in the private sector), to develop and improve Nigerian businesses and ease of business as a whole. Not to brag, but UdobizNG did come up quite a bit in this response :p. When asked if there was any personal advice to give to new business owners or even struggling business veterans, her response was to keep pushing while expecting failure because not having a contingency plan in the case of failure is a huge failure in itself. She went on to add that even in the face of failure, never be discouraged and tackle life one step at a time. Great words to live by.

Being the review driven enthusiasts that we are, we asked the question of what she thinks of myudo.biz as well as what advice she could give us. "UdobizNG is a great platform i give kudos for that. Having others in mind while on a project, getting to solve issues is the cute thing about the organizers of this platform. I want to use this medium to say a very big thank you for the platform given to me. I would love to recommend that there is a promotion of this platform on the internet for more awareness.".
Thanks for the kind words, Mercy! We definitely as trying to spread awareness of our free platform and could definitely use your help in getting that out there too.

You can find Zada Perfumes on UdobizNG at http://www.myudo.biz/zadaperfumes and Zada Lashes at http://www.myudo.biz/zadalashes or even contact the businesses at: +2348108130746. Find more of this business creativity on Instagram: Everything Zada , zada_perfumes or Facebook at Zadaperfumes.