Udobizness of the Week: Kay's Donut Bar

February 1, 2020 Administrator

This week, we take a trip back to the culinary side of myudo.biz with Kays Donut Bar, owned by Kyangchong “Kaycee” Sambo.

A brief look into Kaycee’s lifestyle showed us that she’s a person of various hobbies. She enjoys reading, watching TV and most especially baking. She finds a great deal of joy in trying out new recipes as well as in completing DIY tasks.


Kaycee started Kays Donut bar as far back as 2015. According to her, there was no real back story that led to the conception of the business. It started out as a donut place but recently the offered stock has increased in variety to include cakes and other pastries as well. It is an online business so orders are done via twitter KayceeSambo or over the phone at +2348037009253. Pick-up is the usual method of collection, but delivery services are also offered.

One thing Kaycee is satisfied with is the level that Kays Donut Bar has attained considering an initial slow start. She mentioned how finding customers was a big challenge and she ended up having to use paid online ads as well as client referrals to grow this customer base. Showcasing her business at a lot of food shows and events also helped her gain quite a bit of exposure. Kaycee is definitely someone that thinks about improving her business all the time and she aims to expand into a walk-in store at some point.

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Kays Donut Bar takes client interaction extremely seriously. No matter how disrespectful a client might be; respect is the required response. The business runs on the principle that the customer is always right. Even though she considers the business a side hustle, she makes sure to make each customer feel like they are number one priority. She believes that this not only helps with growth but can also help set her apart from the competition. Other methods that put her above the competition includes constant recipe research and thinking out of the box.

When we asked about ease of business in Nigeria, Kaycee reacted by saying that the business environment within Nigeria is not encouraging. The two major things that she believes works in such an environment are perseverance and quality. Perseverance in the face of frustration is pretty powerful and pays off more often than not. Quality of both goods and services must also be top-notch for continuous growth. She also highlighted that being a woman in business in Nigeria is even more frustrating as people tend to look down on you. Her advice for women everywhere is: work twice as hard; so much so that no one can deny your talents.

Being the review driven enthusiasts that we are, we asked the question of what she thinks of myudo.biz as well as what advice she could give us. " It is a great platform, it only needs more traffic, more people need to know about it and use it more often.".
Thanks for the kind words, Kaycee! We'll keep trying to spread awareness of our free platform and could definitely use your help in getting that out there too.

You can find Kays Donut Bar on UdobizNG at http://www.myudo.biz/kaysdonutbar.