Udobizness of the Week: Kojo's Street Food

May 24, 2020 Administrator

This week, we get to explore the culinary side of myudo.biz with Kojo's Street Food , owned by Ojo Osasuyi.

Ojo Osasuyi describes himself as a vibrant and determined aspiring chef. He resides in Edo state, Nigeria. He is a graduate of the University of Benin and also on the verge of completing his master’s degree in the same University. He has varying levels of interest in a lot of culinary activities ranging from food photography to restaurant management. His hobbies include cooking, trying out recipes, movies, music, swimming and learning on the internet. According to Ojo, Kojo's Street Food aims to bring much loved street foods such as burgers, shawarmas, small chops, BBQ chicken, fish etc. to the general public, while standing out by introducing a combined local and urban twist to said meals. The business mission is to be a one stop shop for all kinds of street food, quick meals and grills. Kojo's Street Food was officially launched in the month of April, 2020; although Ojo mentioned that this was a venture he has been envisioning since 2012.


While talking about challenges faced, Ojo mentioned that he felt responsible for about eighty percent of challenges he encountered initially. He attributes these to a budding fear of making mistakes, failing and taking risks. He was able to overcome these fears by teaching himself to realize that failures at some point in a business are usually inevitable and the mistakes that led to those failures should be viewed as learning tools and steppingstones towards success. The other twenty percent included standard business issues like funds and a proper support system (employees). Regarding the aspect of funds, there was initial anxiety regarding raising capital and enforcing a solid business structure but all that was erased by the support received from friends and family over time. Despite these challenges, Ojo stated that he was pretty satisfied with the current level of Kojo's Street Food. He sees the business growing magnitudes larger than it is right now; with a larger work force and expanding into multiple locations. He believes that consistency and the drive to improve are key to getting to that level. He strongly believes in willingness to repeatedly learn and unlearn as a development tool.

Ojo loves client interaction and ensures that it is taken extremely seriously at Kojo's Street Food. He sees himself as a strong-willed individual that does not take things personal. This trait is particularly helpful with customers that most would label as problematic and it helps with deciphering the best way to diffuse the situation and ensure transactions/interactions proceed in a respectable manner.

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Healthy competition in Ojo's eyes is a welcome tool. He believes that it makes the food business pretty interesting and it causes food vendors to evolve and think outside the box. To stay ahead of the competition, Kojo's Street Food aims to constantly provide the highest quality of customer service as well as standardize the practice of serving amazing tasting food at affordable prices. Currently, this business is a side hustle but with the drive Ojo has shown, the future looks bright.

Ojo has mixed feelings regarding Nigeria being a good place for business. On one hand, he believes that the population and their ability to adapt means that any business has a chance to flourish; but on the other hand, he also acknowledges the fact that the economic state of the country is not conducive enough for businesses to strive easily. He does advice business owners to keep their heads up, conquer any fears or doubts and keep pushing towards their business goals. He also pointed out that being open to change is key. Finally, he mentioned that for a business to thrive, employees should be happy and should be paid fair wages and bonuses.

Being the review driven enthusiasts that we are, we asked the question of what Ojo thinks of myudo.biz as well as what advice he could give us. "Nice idea behind the creation. kudos to the founder. My recommendation as we go forward, always improve your user interface and find ways to make navigation both simple and worthwhile. Thanks “.
Thanks for the kind words, Ojo! We'll keep improving our platform until it is at a level you'll be proud of.

You can find Kojo's Street Food on UdobizNG at http://www.myudo.biz/kojostreetfood. Find more of this business creativity on Instagram: officialchefkojo or twitter at Dstreetfoodplug.