Udobizness of The Week - Republic of Sauce

September 5, 2021 Administrator

This week, we explore the culinary side of UdobizNG with Republic of Sauce, "a home delivery and catering company that seeks to provide affordable and tasty foods that will woe your palette". It is owned by Ugo Anyaoha who got the inspiration from her mum to start the business in June 2020. Apart from running the Republic of Sauce, Ugo enjoys basketball, swimming, watching movies and hanging out with friends.


Ugo mentioned that initial funding was an issue while starting up; and even after scaling that hurdle, she still struggles with client acquisition and such. She also shared how she is facing some stagnancy and it is causing her to lose some of the earlier spark she had as an entrepreneur. To combat this, she finds new ways to spice up her business with the aim that it will become an international brand at some point. She also does not worry too much about competition because she has that “special sauce” (lol) which is reflected in her cooking.

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Ugo is not a fan of the ease of business in Nigeria. From the taxation to the ridiculous policies to having to deal with sexual harassment from male clients, she does not like any part of the system. She mentioned how she has a personal policy not to get close with any male clients due to past experience; even going further to mention police involvement when dealing with some clients. It is a sad situation for sure and Nigeria needs a mindset change as soon as possible otherwise it will continue to fail its women.

Being the review driven enthusiasts that we are, we asked Ugo on what she thinks of myudo.biz as well as what advice she could give us. She was straight to the point and mentioned how she loves our platform, but we need to promote it more. We hear you on that, Ugo! And we are constantly trying to spread awareness about the UdobizNG platform. You can find Republic of Sauce on UdobizNG at http://www.myudo.biz/republicofsauce. Find more about this business on Instagram: republicofsauce or twitter at RepublicofSauce or facebook at https://www.facebook.com/republicofsauce .