Udobizness of The Week - Ije Events and Catering

September 5, 2021 Administrator

This week, we explore the culinary side of UdobizNG with Ije Events and Catering, a catering business that is into baking and event planning for birthdays, engagements, wedding ceremonies, anniversaries, surprises etc. They offer both indoor and outdoor catering services. Ije Events and Catering is ran and managed in Abuja, Nigeria by Nnaemeka Janet Ijeoma. Ijeoma shared with us her love of music, acting, cooking and baking; as well as the fulfillment she feels when she spreads happiness and love to other people. Ije Events and Catering was officially launched sometime in the year 2020.


During our chat, Ijeoma opened up about the difficulties of starting up a competitive business with no experience and limited capital resources. She mentioned how her family and friends helped her pull through by showing continuous support through patronizing and referring her to others until she felt like she was more stable and could handle things. Knowing that there are people willing to help is a priceless gift that cannot be taken for granted and Ijeoma was quick to acknowledge this. She is ok with what she has achieved so far but emphasized how she is also far from satisfied because she has a bigger vision for Ije Events and Catering than what exists right now. She takes things in steps and sets a goal for each step to achieve it. Her next aim is to buy an industrial cake mixer to handle mass production and larger events. After that, she wants to open a cake studio.

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Ijeoma told us how her clients constantly motivate her to improve and grow as an entrepreneur. She went as far as talking about how she learns from them and has grown to see that even on a disagreement, there is always a common ground where both parties can have a fair compromise. She mentioned how client interaction and reviews fuel her passion for business and this passion is what makes her unique in the event space. She also sees Nigeria as a place with multiple consumers and expects growth and improvement based on the constant availability of consumers in the market. Ijeoma believes in employee satisfaction and transparency. For her, employees need to be valued and made aware of their importance on the team. When asked for what advice she would give other entrepreneurs, and her response was "In everything you do, put God first; and strive to stand out make a difference no matter how little. Also, know your worth."

Being the review driven enthusiasts that we are, we questioned Ijeoma on what she thinks of myudo.biz as well as what advice she could give us. "It is a great platform and I love the ideas and features. Please I will like the editing/deleting of pictures part to be looked into. The pictures should not all be in one frame. I suggest that they be separated please. Thank you." She replied.
Thanks for the compliments, Ijeoma! We are happy to have you on board and we will constantly make improvements to get ahead just like you are doing. You can find Ije Events and Catering on UdobizNG at http://www.myudo.biz/ijeeventsandcatering. Find more about this business on Instagram: ijeeventsandcatering or twitter at ijecakes.