This week, the culinary side of UdobizNG is in focus. We will be paying special attention to Helen's Cuisine and Pastries. Like the name suggests, the business specializes in indoor and outdoor catering services around Lagos. Their wide range of snacks include products like chin-chin, plantain chips, tigernut drink and zobo. Helen Ifeoma Onwuka is the CEO and she enjoys cooking, singing and web surfing. Helen's Cuisine and Pastries was started in July 2020.


Considering how new the business is, Helen admits to facing constant challenges. She also told us that she is not happy with the current level the business is at but is working towards constant improvement and eventually growing into a full chain. She explained to us how client interaction is key to this growth vision because learning and acting on customer feedback is a sure way to improve. For her, premium service and consistency are key to keeping any acquired customers acquire and secure referrals. She believes that Nigeria can help make that growth happen because small businesses are very accessible to the public and clients can originate from various sources. One more thing she stressed upon was treating employees fairly. Growth depends on the business being a well-oiled machine and everyone needs to be motivated to keep the machine moving. Finally, she told us that although she is struggling a bit with customer acquisition, she does not intend to compromise her standards or morality to cater to the public. She intends to grow without losing herself in the process.

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We were happy to interview Helen and find out that she is satisfied with our services. We will keep working hard to change this view from “satisfied” to “impressed”. Consider it a challenge.

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Find more of this business creativity on Instagram: helenscuisineandpastries.