Udobiz-ness of The Week : Art by Toneli

August 31, 2018 Administrator

Our feature for the week is the up-and-coming design company; Art by Toneli.

Located in Port-Harcourt, it was created in January 2018 by Anthony Osigbeme who saw it as a way to express his creative journey towards self-perfection to the world (and make money off it of course). According to him, he always felt the need to edit photos or pictures to suit a vision in his "mind's eye". Anthony describes himself as "simple, inquisitive and creative". He is also passionate about design and technology and actually has a bachelor’s degree in Statistics. With regards to hobbies, Anthony enjoys traveling and exploring new sights and sounds. According to him, it opens his mind to a variety of culture and broadens his imagination as a creative. Other hobbies of his include playing football, table tennis, basketball and video games. A one on one with him would make you realize quickly that he would rather express himself through his works which is why he runs his business with so much passion. Anthony attributes his creative pursuit to the fact that he was an art student in secondary school. This early exposure to art created the spark he needed to thrive as a creative. In his words, Art by Toneli is a "versatile design company aimed at rendering quality service delivery and ensuring maximum client satisfaction". According to Anthony, quality and maximum satisfaction are the key drivers of his business because a satisfied customer is a returning customer. That is one thing we all can agree with as business owners or clients. I personally tend to patronize businesses where I see that customer service and satisfaction are taken seriously.

With regards to the services offered, Art by Toneli does a wide range of graphical designs including Logos, covers, posters and flyers. My personal favorite of his presented work samples is:

It is a simple yet stylish logo that fully conveys the services rendered by the client.

With regards to challenges faced when setting up the business, Anthony decided not to go too deep into details but simply said that his continuous push to be better is his main motivation while overcoming the challenges he has faced in both his business and personal life. He was more focused on the future of his business. In his words he intends for his business "to be on a regional plane that enables us to reach out to more people". Step 1 towards that was obviously signing up on UdobizNG to increase his business audience. According to him, he thinks of his business every day and is constantly looking for ways to improve it. He does, however, call on the Nigerian government to provide adequate resources to enable businesses thrive which we can all resonate with as Nigerians. He highlighted that the two main resources he would prefer are constant electricity and proper security to avoid unnecessary extortion.

Another interesting point to explore is the fact that Anthony does not focus too much on competition. In his eyes, there is a market full of designers each with a distinctive creative ability and limitation. He intends to focus on his abilities and create his own niche. Competition is not really on his radar.

Escape: Movie Poster by Art by Toneli

Confectionery Logo by Art by Toneli

Accessory Logo by Art by Toneli

Simple Creativity by Art by Toneli

It is not always smooth sailing though, as he also has to deal with tough clients sometimes. His take on that: "Client interaction takes a great deal of interpersonal skills. Some clients are tough to handle but the goal to be achieved is the only way to stay focused and maintain relations with any client.". He does advice other entrepreneurs to also monitor a client's mindset, temperament and body language and/or character before any engagement (if possible) and always be prepared to be empathetic during dialogue. This shows dedication to the customer satisfaction goal he has set in that this business is willing to go a long way in order to keep clients happy and satisfied. This also shows focus on personally set standards which can help keep him on top of the competition.

When asked if there was any personal advice to give to new business owners or even struggling business veterans, he had a straight-forward reply. "Keep pushing and getting better at your craft". He went further to commend the UdobizNG platform for closing a gap which plagues the Nigerian business space: customer awareness. In his words, "the site is a good development in terms of projecting and promoting individuals or business owners out there with a wide range of clients".
Thanks for the kind words, Anthony!

Album Art by Art by Toneli

Event Poster by Art by Toneli

You can find Art by Toneli on UdobizNG at http://www.myudo.biz/artbytoneli or even contact the business at: +2348162112498. Find more of this business creativity on Instagram: _artoneli.