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January 1, 2021 Administrator

This week, we explore fashion on UdobizNG with Royal Fabrics.

Royal fabrics is an online store that sells beautiful and quality Ankara fabrics, as well as Ankara notepads. They started operations in September 2020 and offer nationwide delivery. The CEO, Blessing Ugochi, is a certified prosthetist/orthotist in Nigeria. She told us just how much she loves helping people living with disabilities and strives to make sure they live the wonderful life they deserve. She also loves to read, bake, cook and play board games; most especially chess and monopoly. One of her favourite past-times is chilling and having a good time with friends and family.


Blessing started Royal Fabrics as a means to make some passive income. Her first challenge was finding a way to balance running a business with her busy work schedule. To tackle this, she got her mum (an already experienced fabric retailer) on board as a business partner. Other challenges she faced include: creating an online presence, brand visibility and social media management. To overcome these, Blessing told us that she did a lot of research which included watching the trends and behavioural patterns of other vendors. She also got associated with different vendor platforms/communities. With regards to social media, Blessing said she learned to schedule her posts ahead of time and added that it has been a very effective strategy so far. Looks like all the hard-work and research are paying off though, because Blessing went on to tell us that the reception and support so far has been amazing. She definitely counts the fact that a good number of people trust her relatively new brand as a big win. She is not one to slow down though, as she maintains that growth is necessary, and she is always searching for ways to grow her online business. She mentioned taking part in the Google Digital skills for Africa training and how it helped her immensely as a new business owner.

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Blessing strongly believes that even though there is probably a big enough market for all fashion entrepreneurs to thrive, healthy competition is always welcome because it only drives one to be better. She does admit to studying other brands and their perceived strategies but refused to tell us her “secret sauce” when we asked what she feels sets her brand apart from others.

In her words; "What sets my brand apart from others is a lot but that’s for me to know." and we respect her desire not to share.

She did give general tips though for what she believes should be the bare minimum for any business trying to stand out. For her, consistency, honesty and good employee morale are key. She particularly stated that businesses need to encourage and properly pay their employees well and on time. As a new woman in business, Blessing said she is yet to encounter any known difficulties due to her gender. Her advice to other women in business is to remember that there is a certain special kind of happiness that comes along with being independent as a woman. That happiness and the knowledge that you can stand on your own two feet is empowering. She also advices others to be consistent in the pursuit of quality and to remember that hard work does pay off.

Being the review driven enthusiasts that we are, we asked Blessing what she thinks of myudo.biz as well as what advice she could give us. She was definitely not short of words and suggestions, music to our ears.

”It’s really great especially for small business owners who can’t afford a website. Thank you Udobiz for this platform. Also is there a way we business owners can put up various contents and articles related to our products in the page allocated to us. I would really love this. If this option is available, please do inform me.” She responded.

Thank you for the feedback, Blessing. Regarding the feature request, that does not currently exist, but we will definitely add it to our suggestion box and ponder over it.

You can find Royal Fabrics on UdobizNG at http://www.myudo.biz/royalfabrics. Find more of this business creativity on:

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