Udobizness of The Week - Hair by Modey

January 1, 2021 Administrator

This week, our spotlight is on Hair by Modey, a company that provides hair styling, hair treatment and hair coloring services in and around Abuja. Modey Daniel, who owns this enterprise, describes himself as a young Nigerian hair stylist that loves seeing people look beautiful. This was his main motivation behind choosing this line of work. He also enjoys listening to cool music as well as reading and cooking.

Modey launched Hair by Modey in August 2019 after a year of working as an apprentice in the same field. He decided to start his own brand to be able to explore his creativity and push his boundaries. He mentioned that he has enjoyed the journey so far but does admit that being your own boss is time and resource consuming. Even with this necessary stress, his undying passion for hair and beauty keeps him going. Other challenges he faced include inability to purchase high end tools due to lack of capital, and customer acquisition issues. Despite these challenges, Modey is satisfied with the current level of the business considering the struggles he overcame to get here. He intends to grow the business up to franchising and production levels. On achieving these, he also intends to rebrand with the name “Modey’s Place”.


To achieve his goals, Modey has to be better than his competitors. Good customer service, affordable pricing and flawless packaging/delivery are what he believes will give him that much needed edge over everyone else. These, in conjunction with his growth vision for the business, are what he believes will take Hair by Modey to great heights; and therefore, he does not compromise on these values.

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Modey believes that Nigeria is a good place for business growth and development due to the large population. He believes that to make it as an entrepreneur in Nigeria, location is a major key because people will patronize readily accessible businesses as long as the customer service is up to scratch. In addition to location, Modey is of the opinion that a thick skin is required to brave the ever-changing business climate in Nigeria. He also maintains that good employee etiquette, satisfaction and training play vital roles in business success, not only in Nigeria, but worldwide.

We were happy to interview Modey and find out that he is highly appreciative of the job done by the entire myudo.biz team. Thank you Modey! Compliments like this keep us going and striving for growth.

You can find Hair by Modey on UdobizNG at http://www.myudo.biz/hairbymodey. Find more of this business creativity on:

Twitter: modey_daniel.

Instagram: Modeythehairstylist.

Facebook: Hairbymodey.