Udobizness of the Week - Cherleen Beddings

October 12, 2019 Administrator

This week, the spotlight is on Cherleen Beddings, owned by Onwuka Ifeoma Helen; who in her free time enjoys cooking and reading novels.

Cherleen beddings deals in selling bedsheets and pillowcases. Helen launched this business on August 21st, 2018; which was also her birthday. That day must have been special in so many ways.

Helen says she is not really satisfied with the current level of her business. She mentioned that in the current Nigerian economy, selling goods right now is a struggle. She is however ambitious and talked about her constant contemplation about possible actions that can improve her business and take it to the next level. Helen sees Cherleen Beddings reaching a level where the company produces its own products for sale. She even does a large amount of market research and competitor scouting as a way to learn the ropes in the industry as well as keeping an eye on the expected level required (in a bid to surpass that level of course). She believes that even experienced business owners should make market research and competitor scouting a standard procedure as it drives growth and development.

Regarding client interaction at Cherleen Beddings, Helen said that being nice to clients is the set standard. The business works on the model were the customer is always right and the employees are expected to be willing to jump hurdles to give said customers major satisfaction.

Helen believes one of the major obstacles in the growth of Cherleen Beddings has been bad governance in Nigeria. She did mention that there were other obstacles such as patriarchy which is the norm in Nigeria as well as people feeling entitled to free services because you are still considered a start-up. However, these other obstacles are well within her control but the conditions due to a lacking government performance is the one obstacle which is beyond her.

As always, we asked what Helen thinks of myudo.biz as well as what advice she could give us. She mentioned loving our platform and not having anything to criticize about it right now. Thanks for the kind words, Helen! We'll keep trying to spread awareness of our free platform and could definitely use your help in getting that out there too.

You can find Cherleen beddings on UdobizNG at http://www.myudo.biz/cherleenbeddings.