Udobizness of The Week - Moiste Intimates

April 20, 2020 Administrator

This week, we decided to engage one of our spicier businesses on myudo.biz; Moiste Intimates, owned by Mide. Moiste deals in Luxe lingerie, sex accessories and toys. According to Mide, she is in the business of adding spice to a boring bedroom.

Mide describes herself as a Nigerian based environmentalist and potterhead living the life of a committed hedonist. Also a lover of games and a firm believer that in a perfect world, jollof rice wouldn’t exist. We must counter that and say that the world cannot be perfect without jollof rice (lol).


Mide started Moiste in August 2017. She says inspiration to start the business was borne out of her healthy obsession with lingerie at the time. She decided to take this obsession further and investigate dealing with luxe lingerie, sex accessories and toys; thus, setting up the groundwork for the business. It is an online business, so orders are done via instagram moiste. She says that in-addition to start-up funds, one huge challenge she anticipated was reception by consumers. This makes so much sense considering how conservative various communities across Nigeria act in relation to sexual matters but Mide says that she had to take the huge leap anyway and see for herself how big (or small) the potential client base could be. She was shocked at the large size of client base that she had tapped into.

One thing Mide admits that she still struggles with is keeping up with demand. Seeing as this job goes hand in hand with her 9-5, handling the growing customer base has been a massive challenge. So much so that she is already looking forward to revamping and getting more hands on deck to push the business up to the next level.

With regards to constant improvement, Mide mentioned that she spends a huge amount of her day pondering about the next huge step for Moiste. She is always thinking about what new product can excite her clients and get their adrenaline levels through the roof.

Product Display 1

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Mide believes that there are two sides to the client interaction coin. It is either fun or enervating. She adds that most times, one can perceive a troublesome client after a single exchange of pleasantries; and she tries as much as possible to avoid offering services to such people. She adds that it is beneficial for her peace of mind but on any interaction with said client, she will definitely keep it polite to the letter. One thing she brought up was her discreetness during client interaction helped set her apart from the competition. Discreetness is definitely a big deal in the intimacy industry and Mide is obviously dedicated to keeping it that way.

When we asked about how conducive Nigeria is for businesses, Mide was certainly less than impressed. She believes that even though Nigeria has the numbers, it is still not a good place for business looking at all economic indicators. In her opinion, one cannot expect much growth in the current poverty capital of the world when government policies continue to stifle life out of SMEs. For her, full time entrepreneurs are the real MVPs. The only advice she can offer to business owners getting frustrated by this climate is that they keep standards consistently high, value integrity above money and finally, communication and happy customers are key.

Now, we all know being a woman in Nigeria has it challenges so we asked Mide what challenges she had faced; she was not short on words. Considering her line of business, it makes things not only more difficult but also tricky. She admits to getting unsolicited lewd messages, outrightly sexual requests and unclad pictures. In her opinion, she has developed thick skin and can mentally handle it but in udobizng opinion, we all need to be better people because Mide should not be having to deal with such a hassle. Her advice to women in business is that they keep their heads up in this (currently) man’s world. Expect nothing to be handed freely but keep working hard until you can revel in your success (even if it seems little) because you did THAT. Solid advice!

Being the review driven enthusiasts that we are, we asked the question of what she thinks of myudo.biz as well as what advice she could give us. " It’s a great platform but will do with a wider reach and publicity, people need to know about the good stuff happening on here.".
Thanks for the kind words, Mide! We see the trend of publicity advice and we'll keep trying to spread awareness of our free platform and could definitely use your help in getting that out there too.

You can find Moiste Intimates on UdobizNG at http://www.myudo.biz/moiste.